“If everyone helps to hold up the sky, then one person does not become tired.”
– The Black Book of Proverbs.
Co-operation honours relationships, recognizes mutual responsibilities and cherishes favourable living and growing conditions. Confianza (native Latin American word meaning, trust & mutual reciprocity) helps every business extend their market reach. Acting as a springboard we help businesses plan, organize and execute high-profile & best suiting conclaves, training, and managed events.

Based in Bangalore and Dubai, Confianza is a privately held corporation with years of experience in strategizing and producing skilled events for specific needs of Advertising, Branding, Promotions, Event Management, Channel Management, and Marketing as well.
The best instructor we have ever seen. The course and handbooks were very useful.
Saudi Aramco, HVAC Engineer, Saudi Arabia
It was a great training, filled with knowledge which would help us in our business.
Rezayat, General Manager, Saudi Arabia
Training was excellent but wish to have more time.
MARCO (EAJB), HVAC Engineer, Saudi Arabia
Training was good but more into theory. Wish to attend more courses but they should be more practical.
Sharqawi, Project Engineer, Saudi Arabia
CMO India Conclave was an excellent platform to introspect and learn. It provided us with an opportunity to realise what we are doing right what could have been done better
Godrej, AVP, Head Marketing
Overall good event, very well organized with good participation of CMO’s.
Businesswire India, Regional Manager,West
Great platform for CMO’s from various sectors to come together and share ideas & experience. Confianza’s platforms are good for networking
INMOBI, Regional Marketing Manager